• “Varsha is always brimming with ideas. She's a talent powerhouse when it comes to art direction and design and I wouldn't think twice before approaching her for any design needs of mine. In fact, Varsha and I collaborated very often during my stint at GoodHomes, India magazine. She designed a lot of my stories, and we also worked on numerous photoshoots together. She was in fact, part of the leadership team that was also responsible for a complete design overhaul of the magazine. Varsha's greatest skill is her ability to listen first and that means her approach towards designing is both creative and solution-focused. A quality that sets her apart from many designers and art directors in her field. I strongly recommend Varsha for any of your design needs.”

    Content and Copywriter, Pia Sinha, GoodHomes

  • “Varsha's Concept Strategy meets the requirements of the statement of work. She Work at the technical and visual aspects of the MoMA project and did a good job in working with others and writing the documents for clearer direction.”

    User Experience Designer Professor, Holly Quarzo, SCAD

  • “Varsha does an amazing job on all her project. I feel so fortunate to have her as a student”

    Professor of Graphic Design, Melissa Kuperminc, SCAD

  • “Varsha is an insightful and talented UX designer. Her creative ideas have enabled us to launch a new product that provided a great user experience from the get-go!”

    Product Manager, Sneha Akula, www.knotsandvows.co.in

  • “We had a long journey; started from brainstorning to actual coding for MoMA realignment project. She was a beautiful devotion to our team!”

    Student MFA Graphic Design, Hyunju Jung, SCAD

Creative Problem Solver

I graduated with M.A. in graphic design and visual experience degree from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Atlanta, GA on June 01, 2019.

For me interaction Design is the creation of an experience between what and how a user uses something to achieve their goals. It is about making the technicalities of technology accessible and easy to understand for people.

I am a curious, self-driven product designer who is passionate in emerging technologies, social good, advocating ux design across all fields of work, facilitating design education, bridging diverse communities, and being a role model for women and designers looking to grow in their careers. Learning together is the biggest superpower we can do to drive change. My passion for helping others comes from the guidance my mentors and design community have given me. Touched by their encouragement and willingness to teach me, I strive to do the same, whether it’s talking about my design experiences, teaching, and empowering teammates in collaborative settings as a leader with a big heart.